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Solenoid valve of common injector

High quality universal type engine fuel injection pump 04232480 20642239
    High quality universal type engine fuel injection pump 04232480 20642239
Product Description:

 1. OEM supplier with good quality
2. With different model and part no. products
3. Small order is available
4. Customized sample is accepted

OEM NO.:04232480 20642239  0400861240 

Application:used in different model DEUTZ engine

FOB price:817-825 USD per piece

Other model and part no. products we could supply as following:
Item Factory No. Matching vehicle/engine
Injection pump 10402166035 BEINEI BF6L913
Injection pump 10402126012 BEINEI F6G912-D
Injection pump 10402376069 WEICHAI DeutzBoat engine
Injection pump 10402376070 WEICHAI DeutzBoat engine
Injection pump 10402376051 WEICHAI DeutzGenerator
Injection pump 10402376052 WEICHAI DeutzGenerator
Injection pump 10402376074 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery
Injection pump 10402376075 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery
Injection pump 10402376068 WEICHAI Deutz Euro IVehicle engine
Injection pump 10402376078 WEICHAI Deutz Boat engine
Injection pump 10402456048 WEICHAI DeutzBoat engine
Injection pump 10402456082 WEICHAI DeutzBoat engine
Injection pump 10402376079 WEICHAI DeutzGenerator
Injection pump 10402376080 WEICHAI DeutzGenerator
Injection pump 10402376081 WEICHAI DeutzGenerator
Injection pump 10402376076 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery TBD226B-6
Injection pump 10402376077 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery TD226B-6
Injection pump 10402516085 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery
Injection pump 10400876072 BEINEI F6G913-D
Injection pump 10400876002 BEINEI F6L912/913G3
Injection pump 10400876012 BEINEI F6L912/913G3
Injection pump 10400876033 BEINEI F6L912G2
Injection pump 10400876050 BEINEI F6L912L
Injection pump 10400874053 BEINEI BF4L912
Injection pump 10400874059 BEINEI BF4L912
Injection pump 10400874050 BEINEI BF4L912-D
Injection pump 10401014063 BEINEI BF4L912-G
Injection pump 10400874054 BEINEI F4D
Injection pump 10400874060 BF6M1015/C
Injection pump 10400874061 BF6M1015/C
Injection pump 10401014075 FF516F/T
Injection pump 10400874076 FF517F/T
Injection pump 10400874007 WEICHAI DeutzGenerator
Injection pump 10400874008 WEICHAI DeutzTD226B-4T3
Injection pump 10400874047 WEICHAI DeutzGeneratorTD226B-4D
Injection pump 10400874009 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery
Injection pump 10400874064 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery
Injection pump 10403166213 BEINEI F6L912/913G3
Injection pump 10403166023 WEICHAI DeutzEuro IVehicle engine
Injection pump 10403166036 WEICHAI DeutzVehicle engine
Injection pump 10403166037 WEICHAI DeutzGenerator
Injection pump 10403166002 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery
Injection pump 10403166016 WEICHAI DeutzEngineering machinery

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